Which Health Charities Spend the Most per Afflicted Person?

Health-related charities make up a large percentage of the over one million foundations in the US. More than $546 billion was raised for health-related charities alone in 2019. There are many different types of charitable foundations to choose from it can be difficult to decide where you want your donation to go. There are charities for almost all types of cancers and other diseases. There are hospital foundations which raise money to cover hospital stays and cover surgeries and other healthcare costs. There are also foundations that raise money strictly for medical research. There are foundations that raise money not only for the afflicted but also for their families and support systems. Knowing how much of your donation goes directly to those affected by certain cancers or disease is useful information. Using Charity Navigator the team behind many those silicone bracelets many of these charities use for fundraising, Wristband Express, put together this comprehensive visualization of the Top 40 Health Charities Ranked by How Much They Spend per Afflicted Person in the United States.


The range of spending was rather large with the top charity, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation spending over $9,000 per afflicted person to the lowest spending at 1 cent per afflicted person by the American Tinnitus Association. The top five foundations on this ranking were:

  1. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  2. ALS Association
  3. Pancreatic Cancer Action Network
  4. Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
  5. Muscular Dystrophy Association

The largest percentage of funds that went directly to the afflicted out of all foundations was 83.2% by the CF Foundation.

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