Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of Reddit’s r/ImaginaryFlora!

Summer seems like a wonderful time to admire some fantastical flora! For this round of Let’s Admire, we are taking a stroll through the otherworldly gardens of artist’s minds. Reddit.com’s r/ImaginaryFlora is a “subreddit for the sharing of all non-photographic artwork depicting flowers and other plant life and fungi, with a focus on the imaginary. Surreal works are highly encouraged, but all artwork is welcome.” We hope these Reddit masterpieces plant seeds of creativity and cultivate a smile!


End of Summer by Martin Mottet

flora1Artist: Martin Mottet

Posted by: Blood-n-Cheese

Martin Mottet is a professional illustrator, concept artist, and educator who works in board games and tabletop RPGs. One of his clients is Wizards of the Coast, the producer of Magic: The Gathering cards. Be sure to check out his awe-inspiring portfolio – he has created many striking worlds and characters. Here’s another mystical flora-filled gem from him:



flower by mememe

flora3Artist: mememe

Posted by: shesaidshutup

If you died and became a flower, what flower do you think you would be? Although this is macabre, it is oddly comforting in a way. I love the last stage before the flowers because it is ambiguous – did they become a fossil? Did they become data in the grand simulation? Did they become powerful, ancient ruins that are the formula for life?

You can buy the print here!


Forgiveness by Tomislav Jagnjić

flora4Artist: Tomislav Jagnjic

Posted by: Misanthropy3000

This artist actually made his debut in our Let’s Admire series in Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of r/ImaginaryMindscapes. Although I love the piece featured in that post, I love this one even more. There is so much to interpret here. Is that crimson-clad figure approaching with ill-intent? Is that Mother Earth struggling to forgive humanity for the destruction it has wrought? I would love a print of this piece.


Untitled nature locs 🙂 by geneva @gdbeeart

flora5Artist: Geneva Bowers

Posted by: Henry-Cavills-Butt

This is so vibrant and refreshing! Her tresses are a trellis for nature’s treasures! Try to say that ten times fast. Be sure to browse through the artist’s page – there are so many technicolor triumphs. Here’s another one featuring flowers:



“The Telepathy Flower” (2019) by Mark Rogers

flora7Artist: Mark Rogers

Posted by: YanniRotten

Whoa, what’s the meaning behind this? The artist has written about the lore on his website: “According to the Zeta Reticulan Grays (who rarely should be trusted) the inhaled pollen of the unusual Teesborgs plant or “Telepathy Flower” produces a temporary but extreme enhancement of all psychic facilities, placing the user into a deep trance state in which advanced mental communication is easily possible….even with beings on other planets.” You can read the rest here. Cue the X-Files theme!

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