Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of Reddit’s r/ImaginaryTechnology!

We are back for another round of Let’s Admire! This time, we are blasting off into a world of sci-fi splendor on where we will discover imaginary spaceships, cyborgs, mechanisms, and other technology manufactured from the creative cogs of Reddit talent. Launching in 3…2…1…


Shampooship! by Eric Geusz

tech1Credit: Space Gooose

I absolutely love the idea of using everyday objects as inspiration for futuristic vessels! Here is a delightful assortment of other mundane tools that he transformed into transportation.


Victorian Megaship by Mitchell Stuart

tech2Credit: Mitchell Stuart

This reminds me a bit of the airships in Final Fantasy IX! I also agree with this comment from walla_walla_rhubarb: “This is how I would imagine ships built on techno-barbarian ocean worlds to look after the Dark Age of Man.”

You can see more of Mitchell Stuart’s work on his Artstation.


Mechanical Bunny Force by Ren Wei Pan

tech3Credit: Ren Wei Pan (NSFW warning!)

I love this theory commented by a deleted account: “Between their breeding rates and their high tech weapons program, the Bun Buns have proven to be a galactic threat worth taking notice of. Despite their being fair and generally friendly, they have taken over more planets by force than any other race. Their home planet of Earth has had the curious history of being home to a failed race called the ‘Humans’ who have largely been overlooked since their extinction, but it is believed that they were they source of the Bun Buns technology.”


The Sisters by Jakub Javora

Credit: Jakub Javora

OP gave heroic effort with their comment full of credit for the artist: “Here’s the texturing detail gif – the modeling timelapse gif – and some early sketches. Jakub Javora’s deviantArt gallery, ArtStation, tumblr and website.”


Chardonnay Gunship by Space Goose

Tech5Credit: Space Gooose

Another ordinary to extraordinary creation from software engineer and artist Space Gooose! This comment by ostentatious_otter says it all: “I’m unreasonably happy about this. I’ve drunkenly explained to friends, more times than I’ll admit, that those types of cork screws look like space ships. No more! Now I can just show ’em this. I flippin love it.”

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