Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of Reddit’s r/BeerWithAView!

We are trying something a bit different with this round of Let’s Admire! Instead of relishing in the brilliant range of artistic talent showcased on Reddit, we will be soaking up the wonders of nature while enjoying a brew! Of course, photography is an artistic skill as well, so I am excited to see the creativity involved in these adventurous beer poses. As an avid hiker, I love to crack open a beer when I reach the destination. Knowing its nestled in my backpack as a victory treat puts some pep in my step. Let’s hop to it and check out Reddit’s top 5 posts from r/BeerWithAView!


Beer at Monaco GP (X-post from r/formula1)

beer1Credit: mangowhymango

The top comment says: “This is my first introduction to this subreddit and I am hooked!” I don’t know much about Formula 1 racing, but I certainly would not mind enjoying a beer with that view.


15 hour layover in Honolulu

beer2Credit: quicksandatl (account has been deleted)

Love the energy and joy this photo exudes! I can practically feel the sun and the foamy waves. This would make a fantastic ad for Liquid Aloha Big Wave Golden Ale!


Beer filter

beer3Credit: Isai76

This is just awesome. A local brewery should buy this print and blow it up on their wall!


Königssee- During a work trip.

beer4Credit: justa_flesh_wound

Königssee is a breathtaking emerald green lake surrounded by formidable mountains in Germany. The top comment proclaims: “Höfbrau is seriously so fucking good.” I want to try it and be there!


The Matterhorn & a cold Beer

beer5Credit: tomtheintern

Glorious. The plate is full of schnitzel, a slice of meat tenderized until thin and then breaded and fried. And those fries look scrumptious! The Matterhorn is a 14,692′ mountain in the Alps that straddles the border between Switzerland and Italy.

Here are a few more shots that were too brew-tiful not to share:

Honorable Mention: Overlooking 72nd St Station – NYC

beer6Credit: gascanfiasco

Honorable Mention: Mirror Pond Pale Ale

beer7Credit: Boleen

Honorable Mention: Alaskan Summer

beer8Credit: Boleen

Honorable Mention: I like to drink beer on my rides

beer9Credit: Iggz83

Honorable Mention: Hardy Ridge, WA

beer10Credit: jayteemo

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