POLL: What Are the Most Cherished 90s Cartoons?

This one is for the millennials! In my opinion, 90s cartoons were hands down the best, would you agree? They were different than the Looney Toons and Barney we were used to. The art was funky and epic (those Rugrats babies were not cute, but they were interesting and entertaining! The music was catchy and for the most part they were child-friendly (although they certainly pushed the boundaries). 90’s cartoons taught millions of us millennials important life lessons that reflect in the people we are today. I like to think my quirky sense of creativity has developed from a combination of the weirdness of Rocko’s Modern Life, the wholesomeness of Doug, and the unique dysfunction of South Park. 90’s cartoons were pretty revolutionary. Although we didn’t know it at the time, we were given these iconic, hilarious, (experimental really) cartoons that helped shaped our young minds and personalities. This list compiles what our team came up with as the best 90’s cartoons (with shows that debuted from 1990-1999 – sorry Simpsons fans! ) that we collectively picked as favorites from our childhood.

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