The Pop Culture Characters That Have Earned the Most Money Over Time

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the highest grossing character of all? Explore this colorful visual created by the research team at to see which of our most beloved pop culture characters has earned the most money. Since it’s difficult to distinguish just how much the character alone earns, the ranking is based on how much the character’s franchise has grossed over time. So which fictional character came out on top with the highest earnings of all time? The adorable, and sometimes even terrifying, Pokémon characters earned the top spot with a cool $76.4 billion grossed since they first stole our hearts in 1996. This comes as no surprise as it seems like Pokémon are everywhere you look: video games, movies, TV shows, and trading cards. You can even find them right outside your home on the Pokémon Go app!


Our favorite magical mouse, Mickey, is the runner-up with $52.2 billion grossed since he flounced into the scene nearly a century ago. As you work down the list it’s no surprise to see another magical character sitting near the top. Harry Potter’s long series of books, movies, and all the merchandise that goes with it has grossed the franchise $34.6 billion since The Boy Who Lived placed a love potion on us in 1997. Our favorite lady in pink, Barbie, falls just short of Mr. Potter at $32.6 billion grossed since she became one of the most popular toys for girls in the eighties and nineties. How much money has your favorite childhood character grossed since it’s induction into pop culture?

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