POLL: What is the Best Type of Soup?

Soup season is finally here! One of our favorite things about the winter months is making all the soups. Not only are soups one of the most comforting foods in existence, they are also one of the most versatile types of food as they can be altered to fit any diet or food preference. Meat lovers have a plethora of soup options to choose from, with a soup for every type of meat you can think of. While those that are vegan also have a wide variety of soups to choose, from a multitude of vegetables cooked together in one pot to select vegetable starring in their very own soup (looking at you, tomato). Even those with restricted diets, like being keto or having food allergies to things like nuts or dairy, have a large selection in the types of soup they can eat even with their restrictions. Soup is also just a great way to add more vegetables to your diet, and who doesn’t need that!? Vegetables taste five times better after simmering in soup broth for an hour, change our mind.

Soup can also be a frugal meal option when you need to feed a large amount of people, and the fact that you can freeze soup for a future quick and easy meal only adds to its appeal. Not to mention that soup is the perfect remedy when you’re sick from the cold or flu. What can’t soup do!?

So now that we’ve shared the glorious-ness that is soup, we want to know, which of the tasty soups listed below earns your vote for the the best type of soup?

Vote for the Best Type of Soup!

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