Where in the U.S. Are People Having the Most Sex?

Americans statistically have the most sex during their 20s and 30s, and the amount of sex they have declines as they get older. Some studies have found that those in their 20s have sex more than 80 times a year, which is a little more than once every five days. Have you ever wondered which states around the country are having the most sex? NapLab.com, a site that reviews mattresses based on a number of factors including a sex score, polled adults around the United States to find out which states are having the most sex.

According to the visualization, the state that has the most sex is Alaska. On average, Alaskan adults have sex 2.806 times per week. Second on the list is New Mexico at 2.064 times per week. The state that has the third-highest amount of sex is Vermont. Vermonters have sex an average of 1.702 times per week. The national average in the United States, according to the study, is 1.064 times per week.


The state that has the least amount of sex is Colorado. Adults in Colorado average having sex just 0.420 times per week, which equates to less than twice per month. The state that has the second-lowest frequency of sex is Maine at 0.5 times per week. Michigan adults have the third-lowest amount of sex at 0.511 times per week.


Which state’s placement on the list is the most surprising to you?

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