Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of Reddit’s r/ImaginaryMindscapes!

We are back with another round of being mesmerized by the incredible artwork showcased on Reddit! This time we are venturing into the surreal seas of artist’s psyches and find all sorts of wondrous creatures, characters, and landscapes there. The description for the subreddit r/ImaginaryLandscapes reads: “A collection of paintings and drawings dedicated to the art of the imagination. Surrealistic landscapes, monsters, characters, and all sorts of thought-provoking imagery.” Without further ado, let’s dash into dreamland!


“Dude is this yours, I think you’ve dropped it back over there” by Tomislav Jagnjic

mind1Artist: Tomislav Jagnjic

Poster: wooly_mastodon

I absolutely love this! It reminds me of the video game Shadow of the Colossus. I would be delighted to play a video game in the world Jagnijic has created with just this one illustration. One of the top comments is: “MRW I am giant nature spirit and I see people litter”. Same.


Take the taco, by Blaise Aetherius.

mind2Artist: Blaise Aetherius

Poster: 0-0-1

A delicious taco for a final meal wouldn’t be so bad! I really love how the artist illustrated the water – it is so vibrant and the contrast between above and below the water is so pleasing to look at.


Cloud Giant by b i m a.

mind3Artist: b i m a

Poster: [deleted]

The top comment says: “The elephant skull ring is a nice scale indicator.” I actually did not notice that at first! The more you admire this dynamic masterpiece, the more details emerge. I want to know the story behind those wrath-like entities floating above him. If you like Magic the Gathering or Dungeon and Dragons, be sure to check out his artstation profile that I linked above. He has collaborated with the official publishers to create some captivating pieces!


The Power of a Dream by Ernesto Arrisueño.

mind4Artist: Ernesto Arrisueño

Poster: ghostofthefallen

Wow, I genuinely love this SO much! I love hydrangeas, I love night landscapes, and I love magic realism! I would love a print of this on my wall. What is magic realism? Magic realism is a style of fiction or art that creates a realistic view of the world while also adding magical elements. The comments also introduced me to another amazing subreddit – r/ImaginaryFlora. I sense a new Let’s Admire post ready to bloom!


One Last Sunrise (OC)

mind5Artist: MXLXTXV (Instagram)

Wow, this tells a heartbreaking story. I could not agree with this comment more: “I love how much narrative there is to unpack here. What a powerful story told with just a few key details.”

HONORABLE MENTION: Little flame waiting for the rain to cease. By Nikita Veprikov

mind6Artist: Nikita Veprikov

Poster: ghostofthefallen

I just had to share this one especially for the top comment: “Rain drummed the pavement, pattering him with castoff droplets that set him hissing and sizzling. Quivercoal quivered yet again. Oh, sear… I wouldn’t wish such a plight on the bitterest of pyres…

The caustic cold leaching out from above set his hackles on end. Wisps of steam tailed off his back like spirits summoned off to some warmer plane. He closed his eyes and fought back a tear. “…Gods of Gehenna, if your ears they can hear, don’t let this little ember gutter out down here…”

When he opened them again, his heart fluttered in his chest. There, rounding a corner, chuffed a lumbering box truck, the words blazoned on the side as balmy and bright as an all-night crematorium:

Smith’s Lanterns

wicks – oils – brassworks – and more!

Quivercoal sucked in a lungful of air, and heaved out a puff of smoke, and readied himself for this one last chance.”

I love art like this for this very reason – it empowers others to create their own stories!

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