POLL: Vote for Your Favorite Reality TV Show

Trash TV has always been considered a guilty pleasure, but why should we have to feel guilty about it? Sometimes you just need to give your mind and body some rest and relaxation and sometimes the best way to do that is to veg out and binge your favorite reality TV series. Reality TV, even with all its scripted scenes, still feels more relatable to people than other dramas and full scripted series. Viewers can see themselves in these situations and they become invested in their favorite reality stars lives. When the two flirty deckhands hooked up on a recent episode of Below Deck, and then had to deal with the very real possibility of STD’s – that was not only a valuable life lesson, it was also some great tea to sip after a long day. Although not many people like to admit to their favorite reality trash TV shows, it doesn’t mean they aren’t dedicated viewers who might even visit show subreddits after episodes to discuss even more drama. We compiled a list of current reality TV shows we all love, what is your favorite?

What is your favorite realty TV show? (Vote for your top 3!)

Did we miss your favorite reality TV show? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Harry Seward

    The Mole and Last Comic Standing were the only reality shows I ever enjoyed.


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