Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of r/Florists!


We are back for another fun round of Let’s Admire! If you are new here, the Let’s Admire series is our way of celebrating the incredible talent that is showcased on Reddit. June is Perennial Gardening Month and one of the most popular months for weddings, so let’s explore what is blooming in r/Florists!


Foraged, and from my garden

Credit: leafcomforter

Just wow! This is a magnificent flower arrangement no matter where it comes from, but knowing the creator harvested the blooms themselves makes it extra special.


I got the floral manager position at work!

Credit: Sir_Remington1294

I love the fresh, earthy feel to this arrangement! It would be delightful for a desert oasis themed wedding.


Thoughts on my beginner arrangement?

Credit: Naive-Membership8201

OP made this for their sister’s gender reveal and it is a (baby’s) breath of fresh air! This comment from Bleh10290 says it all: “Beginner where???!! Girl these sell for like min $200 + for floor arrangements & centerpieces. You definitely got a raw natural talent for this. Soooo pretty!”


Open to criticism.

Credit: Icy-Palpitation-4441

This has such a fun medley of textures and colors! It reminds me of a bouquet that woodland creatures would gather to gift to a beloved forest nymph on her special day.


I made my mother’s bridal bouquet earlier this year

Credit: Solvurr

Goodness gracious, this one is breathtaking! It looks especially splendid being carried by the bride in the Norwegian countryside:


We hope you enjoyed this round of Let’s Admire! Isn’t it wonderful that we live on a planet with flowers?


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