Which Countries Have the Fastest Internet Speeds in the World?

Do you know how your internet speed compares to the fastest internet in the world? Unless you are a citizen of Singapore, which boasts the fastest broadband internet around the globe, your internet speed could be subpar. Broadband and mobile internet speeds vary from country to country and if you have ever traveled extensively, you may already know how frustrating that can be. Although the speed of internet access everywhere has improved vastly over the years, in some places it is still dreadfully slow. This extensive chart from the team at HP.com shows Internet Speeds Around the World.


You can see that Singapore’s 238.59 megabits per second is so far above the national average of 98.67 megabits per second. What will the fastest internet cost you may wonder? Well, Singaporeans pay on average around $70.00 a month for their broadband. Americans pay on average around $57.00 per month for their internet and looking at this chart they come in 12th for fastest broadband internet with average speeds of 180.84 mbps. The cheapest internet can be found in Israel where it costs around $18.00 per month for broadband. Israel comes in 28th on this chart for fastest internet at 129.57 mbps. The quickest mobile internet can be found in United Arab Emirates with an internet speed of 178.52 mbps. The UAE has been ranked as one of the most expensive places in the world for home internet access but with the fastest mobile speeds, many citizens can probably get by with just their phone internet access.

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