Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of r/ItookaPicture!

We are back for another round of Let’s Admire! This time, we are admiring the eclectic array of photographs showcased by Redditors from around the world. As an amateur photographer myself, I love to browse photography communities. It is fascinating not only to see the photos themselves but also experience how other people see the world and what they choose to capture. An angle or subject we may never even consider could be captivating to someone else, and in turn, the viewers! As shown by the first example, photographs can also capture a familiar experience from a foreign vantage point, creating a sense of connection that reaches beyond space and time.


ITAP of “Rush Hour” in Los Angeles during the first day of California’s shelter in place.

Credit: GroundedSpaceMan

The eerie emptiness during those early days of the pandemic are something many of us remember vividly. Check out the r/worldisclosed if you want to see more photos like this!

ITAP of a turtle in a clear lake.

Credit: Plasmazine

This reminds me of the Cosmic Turtle or World-bearing Turtle theme that is prevalent in some mythologies (Hindu, Chinese, and some indigenous peoples of the Americas). In these stories, a giant turtle supports the world.


ITAP of a ship

Credit: derryainsworth

I thought this was an image on a giant projector at first but the building actually has an opening in it, revealing the ocean beyond! I love this explanation from bad-artist-with-love: “Yeah, the holes are for dragons wanting to go into the water”.


ITAP of my friend

Credit: Martinoice

What a majestic good boy! I love this comment, which unfortunately comes from a deleted account: “He looks like he’s on a movie theater poster to inspire other dogs to be the very best.” Of course, all dogs are the best dogs!


ITAP of my girlfriend doing homework in NYC.

Credit: That-Donkey

This is awesome! Along with many of the comments, my first thought was wondering how much this view costs. OP said it was a $300 hotel room, which actually is fairly reasonable for a romantic night in NYC!

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