Which Cities Have the Worst Access to the Internet in the U.S.?

When the pandemic shut the world down the population turned to their wifi. Groceries were purchased through an app and delivered straight to doorsteps. Doctors appointments became virtual. Concerts were streamed online straight from the performers own home. Zoom parties became the norm and work from home for some, still has never ended. Netflix stock boomed. It made me think about just how important having access to the internet is and simultaneously made me shudder at the thought of how many times I ordered Uber Eats in my pajamas this past year.

Jokes aside, life in general would be a lot more difficult without wifi. Everything I do from my morning news, to how I connect to clients with my business, to my education, vacation planning, music and entertainment is online. I do love the occasional weekend away camping where your phone has no service, but once I’m back home I’m immediately back looking at memes, paying bills and buying things I don’t need on Amazon. It did get me thinking though, how many people don’t have access to the internet? These three maps contain a lot of helpful info and show the U.S. cities with the best and worst access to the internet.

Which Cities Have the Worst Access to the Internet in the U.S.?

I was actually surprised by the number of households in large cities like Dallas, Chicago and NYC that went without access to the internet. On the first map it shows the cities with the highest percentage of households without internet access. The number one city on that list is also located in Texas. With 6,911 households without internet it comes to 30.2% of the city’s population. On the opposite side of things I was also surprised to see a city with 100% of households connected to the web. That city is Johns Creek in Georgia.

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