Every Company Nestle Owns in One Chart

The Nestle company may not be as sweet as the name implies, its reputation has made it one of the most hated companies in the world. The company’s bad reputation started back in the 1990’s when they advertised their baby formula as being almost as healthy of an option as a mother’s milk, while targeting poorer countries with these misleading claims. In more recent years the company has drawn criticism for taking drinking water from the state of Michigan for an outrageously low price to then sell for a large profit. All while this deal was happening cities in Michigan, like Flint, were facing a water crisis and lacked access to their own clean drinking water.

This food and beverage giant is known for it’s candy and water products, but what other well-known brand names are also owned by Nestle? Just how much power do they have over the food industry? This visually pleasing chart from Wyoming Trust & LLC Attorney answers the question and then some as it breaks down the many brands owned by Nestle into different food and drink categories

Every Company Nestle Owns

Even with their early baby formula controversy, they still own a plethora of baby brands. The bottled water brands under Nestle are popular in different regions of the country, those in the Northeast commonly drink Poland Spring while those on the West Coast drink Arrowhead. In addition to baby food and bottled water, Nestle owns a wide variety of food brands of that fall under the following categories: cereal, coffee, dairy, drinks, culinary, chilled and frozen food, ice cream, and of course a variety of chocolate, cookies, and confections. You may be surprised to learn that Nestle even plays a large role in the pet food industry and owns well-known brands like Friskies, Purina, Tidy Cats, and more. Some health care and nutrition brands you use, such as Optifast and Fiber Choice, are even owned by this powerful corporation. Which of these Nestle-owned brands came as a surprise to you?

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  1. Joy

    This is an incomplete list. None of their beauty care products are on it. I know the Nestle owns L’Oréal and Kiehls so is is untruthful to say ‘everything nestle owns’.

  2. Jamie Wilson

    Nestlé has been named one of top ten most reputable companies in the world in the annual ‘Global RepTrak™ 100’ study. The company achieved ninth place in the study, which is designed to understand how organisations build trust and support with the general public worldwide.


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