Where Can You Buy the Most Real Estate for $1M?

Where are the best places in the United States to buy a home? Recently, Rate.com conducted a study to determine where you can get the most and least out of $1 million when looking to buy a home.

Where Can You Buy the Most Real Estate for $1M?

Your money would go the further in Flint, Michigan, where $1 million would net you 33,333.33 square feet in real estate. In fact, three of the cities in the top seven are located in Michigan, along with Detroit (25,000 square feet for $1 million) and Saginaw (18,181.82 square feet). Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana make up 70% of the top ten.

There are the ten cities where you’ll get the most square feet with $1 million.

  1. Flint, Michigan: 33,333.33 square feet
  2. Youngstown, Ohio: 27,027.03 square feet
  3. Detroit, Michigan: 25,000 square feet
  4. Gary, Indiana: 22,727.27 square feet
  5. Danville, Virginia: 19,230.77 square feet
  6. Port Arthur, Texas: 18,518.52 square feet
  7. Saginaw, Michigan: 18,181.82 square feet
  8. Birmingham, Alabama: 16,393.44 square feet
  9. Anderson, Indiana: 16,393.44 square feet
  10. Lima, OH: 14,925.37 square feet

In other parts of the United States, real estate can be much more expensive. For example, real estate is the most expensive in Palo Alto, California, where you can get 238.32 square feet for $1 million on average. That’s a -99.29% decrease in square footage from Flint, Michigan!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, California dominates the list of ten cities where real estate is the priciest (70% of the ten most expensive cities). These are the ten cities in the United States where $1 million would stretch the least when buying real estate.

  1. Palo Alto, California: 238.32 square feet
  2. New Rochelle, New York: 239.98 square feet
  3. Cupertino, California: 286.78 square feet
  4. Santa Maria, California: 418.41 square feet
  5. Minot, North Dakota: 471.25 square feet
  6. Quincy, Illinois: 497.76 square feet
  7. Union City, California: 524.11 square feet
  8. San Rafael, California: 533.05 square feet
  9. Carlsbad, California: 544.96 square feet
  10. Berkeley, California: 562.42 square feet

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