The Most Boat-Friendly States in the U.S.

Boaters, hitch those trailers. The team at SI Yachts created your ultimate travel guide. Their infographic features a chart that ranks each state in the U.S. by how boat-friendly it is. Their scoring metrics were created using some of the most important factors to boaters. This includes amount of freshwater and coastline, average number of sunny and rainy days, average temperature, typical wind speeds, hurricane risk, number of boats owned, and average cost of boater’s insurance. These scores were all calculated into a final score that was used to rank each state. Check it the full infographic here:

What is the Best State in the U.S. for Boating?

The team dubbed Louisiana as the best state for boating. This is no surprise as it’s a sunny, warm state full of water. With nearly half the state below sea level, boating is a given, a way of life, and sometimes even a necessity.

Here are the other states that made the top of the list:

  1. Louisiana
  2. Florida
  3. Michigan
  4. Hawaii
  5. California
  6. Rhode Island
  7. Minnesota
  8. Delaware
  9. South Dakota
  10. Wisconsin

Some of the results might be surprising, but the cost of boating and the weather play huge factors in these rankings. States with a lot of cold days sank the rankings. Notice New York at the bottom of the lake. The state has coastline, and even access to the Great Lakes, but expensive boater’s insurance and cold average temperatures tanked the ranking. In some cases, land locked states beat out coastal states in the ranking due to affordable boating and beautiful weather.

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