New Study Reveals Where People Have the Yellowist Teeth in America

Around the world, Americans are known for their fabulous, sparkling white teeth. In reality, plenty of people struggle to achieve the dazzling pearly smiles showcased in entertainment and social media. Coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco are all beloved indulgences across the United States (and worldwide). Unfortunately, these temptations can also cause teeth discoloration. The team at Imagix Dental has compiled an impressive index to determine where in America people are most likely to have discolored teeth. Check it out:


The index includes the following factors:

  • “How to Whiten Teeth” Google Trends interest score over the past 12 months
  • Percent of population who smoke cigarettes
  • Gallons of wine consumed annually per person over the age of 21
  • Number of teahouses per 100k people
  • Number of coffee shops per 100k people

These factors would all contribute to surface level staining. The index is intriguing as it is, but I would have loved to see datasets such as methamphetamine usage per capita, heroin usage per capita, and cocaine usage per capita included in the mix as all of those can cause some serious teeth discoloration. However, it’s far more wholesome this way! All in all, the index and visualization provide a unique perspective on dental health and appearance trends that single direct sets of data do not offer. And if you are struggling with teeth staining due to coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, or whatever, check out Crest’s guide to types of teeth stains and how to remove them.

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