Poll: What is the Best Rock band of the 1990s?

People say the 90’s are the last great decade for rock music. As a kid growing up in the 90’s, my teen years were full of TRL on MTV and my favorite genre of music at the time: grunge rock. I wasn’t into the bubble gum pop and boy bands that would take over in the 2000’s. I wanted the scream Nirvana songs in my garage with all my angsty teen rage. After the spandex, hairband, and power ballad era of the 80’s, people were ready for something different. 90’s rock bands were just that. They didn’t care about being “cool” by wearing makeup or tight pants, they poured their hearts out into the music while wearing dirty t-shirts, or sometimes only tube socks (hello Red Hot Chili Peppers)!

90’s rock was deep, it raged hard, and was full of morose themes and thought-provoking poetry that really connected to the youth of the time.

We have compiled a list of our favorite 90’s rock bands, what are your top THREE of the decade? Vote below:

Vote for your 3 favorite 90s rock bands!

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