3 Infographics That Prove Celebrities Are People Too

We like to take comfort in thinking that our favorite celebrities are “just like us.” They’re human, too, after all! But they aren’t really just like us. Celebrities have tons of concerns in their daily lives that we’ll never know about. They bear a lot more responsibility for their public image than you or I do. They often lead lives that are wildly chaotic – it’s like riding on a wave of emotions.

So, ok, they aren’t just like you and me. But they aren’t perfect, either. They really are human, beyond their crazy lives. They have scars and physical imperfections, and some of them have struggled with great mental and emotional burdens like addiction too. Here are three infographics that will prove to you that, while they’re a little different from us, celebrities are still relatable and human.


Celebrities With Perfectly Imperfect Teeth

celebrity teethSource: FaceLiftDentistry.com

Ask someone what they think is attractive in the opposite sex, and they’ll often say “having nice, healthy teeth!” These celebrities still make it work despite their imperfect teeth. Some really work it, too – go Willem Dafoe!


Top Scars: Celebrity Edition

celebrity scarsSource: CustomerMagnetism.com

Every scar tells a story – the same is true for these actors!


Celebrities in Recovery: Then and Now

celebrity recoverySource: InterventionStrategies.com

Celebrities don’t just deal with physical scars and burdens – listen to any big celebrity talk about their addiction and you’ll learn that some of them can be wells of emotional and mental strength.

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