Every Crayola Crayon Color on One Crazily Colorful Chart

Many people have cherished childhood memories of opening a fresh box of Crayola crayons. The sight of the rainbow array of crayons, the clever color names, and most of all the unique smell of crayons can overwhelm us with nostalgia. That’s why this infographic from AAA State of Play is a welcome trip down memory lane.


The graphic charts every single Crayola crayon color ever made in a stylish array. Did you know there are over 400 Crayola colors? They aren’t all still on the market but that doesn’t stop avid collectors from trying to track them all down. In fact, the team at AAA State of Play used data that avid Crayola collectors have shared. Jenny’s Crayon Collection has lots of data on Crayola special editions throughout the years. Collector, Richard Gwyn, says that the one of the rarest Crayola crayon colors is labeled “Torch Red.” It was later re-named “Scarlet” so finding a crayon with the “Torch Red” label is like finding gold to crayon collectors. Richard was able to claim his prized crayon when he found it in a large bag of crayons he bought from a thrift shop.

The infographic shows in full color how trends and color preferences have changed over the years. You might remember bright neon colors in the 90s or sparkly glitter crayons. The brand also produces colors for specific art, like the diverse skin and hair tones represented in the “Colors of the World” set. This chart is so colorful and brings up so many memories that it could make a collector out of anyone!

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