50 Years of San Diego Comic-Con (In One Graph)

In 1970, about 145 fans met up at the U.S. Grant Hotel to celebrate all things comics.

Today, about 135,000 fans crowd the streets of San Diego at an internationally-known event that brings Hollywood and nerds together. It’s not only a place to geek out, meet celebrities, cosplay, and connect face-to-face with creators, but a harbinger and linchpin of all things pop culture.

How did this happen?

Well, Comic-Con International, a non-profit organization, has had a really interesting and unique history, bringing together fans for more than 50 years. Not only has it created important comic-book awards events like the Will Eisner Awards, but it’s also been important to the dissemination of other kinds of fandoms as well.

For example, Star Wars (that’s right – the original) did its original marketing push at San Diego Comic-Con, when they only hosted about 3,000 people. Marketer Charles Lippencott hosted a panel and gave out posters, which now are sold in the thousands.

Here’s just a brief overview of the history of San Diego Comic-Con, brought to you by HighRises.com.

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