Mapping the World’s Most Popular Artists

History is full of incredible artists that have changed the way we see society and progressed and morphed their mediums. With so many options, it makes us curious who the most popular artists are. A great way to find out is to look at which artists are Google searched the most, indicating which artists have the most name recognition, who’s work is viewed most often, and who the population is curious about. This fascinating map shows us not only which artists are most popular but let’s us see which artists are most popular in which countries.


We’re not surprised to see that world-renowned artist who defined Europe’s Renaissance period, Leonard DaVinci, is the most popular artist in the world. He is after all the painter behind the most recognizable pieces: Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. It might stand to reason that artists are most popular in their origin countries. That’s certainly how it worked out for Mexican artist Frida Kahlo who was the most search in her home country as well as the United States. Overall, her intriguing and slightly surreal paintings make her the second most popular artist in the word. Origin country didn’t lead to a win for Pablo Picasso though. He didn’t win his home country of Spain, but he did win several African countries including Senegal, Benin, Cameroon, and Republic of the Congo. Tragic Impressionist and ever popular Dutch artist, Vincent VanGogh came in at number three with feminist painter Artemisia Gentileschi in fourth, claiming the win in many Asian countries. Banksy is the only modern artist to make the list, winning Russia, the UK, Ireland, and France.

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