Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of Reddit’s r/CakeDecorating!

We are back for another round of Let’s Admire! This time, we are slicing into gorgeous, creative decorated cakes. As a big fan of The Great British Bake Off, I am especially excited for this one! I guess you could say I am deeply fondant of beautiful bakes. Without further ado, let’s get whisked away by Reddit talent from r/CakeDecorating:


Tried my hand at making a cartoon cake slice. For a first attempt it’s not too bad 🙂

cake1Artist: bluemanestudios

Wow, this one is just mind-boggling! One of the top comments says: “My brain wants to see this as a forced perspective enamel pin rather than actual cake; you nailed the illusion”. I could not agree more! Here it is looking like a cartoon come to life in the fridge:


My take on the gelatin island cake. It is inspired by a little spot we used to go fishing at as kids. What a joy it was to make!

cake3Artist: Retha_Joubert_Studio

This is absolutely marvelous, I am honestly in awe. The top comment says it all: “Every time I look, I see another magical detail. The leaf that has fallen on his head, the worms wriggling out of the can, the contentment on his face moments before the big catch … This cake is a moment captured in time.” Take a look at the ripple effect:



I’ve learned so much from this sub! Cake I made for my mom’s birthday.

cake5Artist: Cakesandmountains

I am in love with the center of the sunflowers. The flavors sound delightful too: “6” pumpkin layer cake iced with cream cheese buttercream and filled with spiced chai buttercream. All Sugar and Sparrow recipes.” I am so glad it is summer but I would not turn down this slice of Fall!


[Self] my coworkers and I call this our “cartoon cake” it’s made to look like a stereotypical 90’s cartoon birthday cake

cake6Artist: savvygee13

This is so fun and nostalgic, plus it looks delicious! It captures the essence of birthday joy and simpler times.


Please don’t laugh, this is my FIRST EVER attempt at decorating a cake. Son wanted a SpongeBob cake and was too broke to buy from a bakery. Did my best!

cake7Artist: Unknown

Unfortunately the original poster’s Reddit account was deleted, but this deserves a shout out for sure! It is exceptional especially for the baker’s first time and I am sure their son was delighted. “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!” to eat this cake!

BONUS: Didn’t place in the competition I entered, but still very proud of my design!!

cake8Artist: DearCakeGods

I had to share this one because it is my favorite at the “Reddit bakery”! This is so ethereal and unique. I love the diverse bunch of sprinkles! Magical.

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