Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of Reddit’s r/Watercolor!

April seems like a wonderful time of year to take a moment and admire the incredible talent showcased in the subreddit dedicated to watercolor art. April rains bring life to flowers just like water brings life to paint. Watercolor also has a refreshing, ethereal vibe, much like the delightful Spring blossoms that fade away when summer comes. Here are the top r/watercolor posts of all time for your viewing pleasure:


One of my most challenging commissions

watercolor1Artist: jthrrz

This is absolutely breathtaking and appears to transcend the classic appearance of watercolor. The top comment says it best: “Wow! This is insane! I thought this was a picture at first”. I love the rich colors, intense contrast, and sense of movement.


So I drew this cat archer and I’m kinda proud of it!

watercolor2Artist: BradySkirts

This is beyond precious. It looks like it could be in the midst of an action-packed scene in a children’s book. The top comment is spot on: “you gotta get this tattooed on you LOL it’s so badass n cute”. In fact, another user requested to save the image to show their tattoo artist!


Recent practice, drawing hands and painting transparent lace

watercolor3Artist: sciencepineapple

Wow. Just wow. This is stunning. Hands are challenging enough, but to illustrate delicate lace over them? The top comment “r/nextfuckinglevel” is absolutely right!


My GF makes watercolors and stories for children but she doesn’t feel very talented. Imho she is and she should focus on her skills and try to succed. Artist: Alice Celia

watercolor4Artist: Alice Celia

I must admit – this one is my absolute favorite! It is so adorable, unique, and brimming with heartfelt touches. I would hang this in my bathroom in a heartbeat. Check out more of her work on instagram! Sooo talented. She has a Society6 shop too so my bathroom art dream can come true!


Just finished “Bowl of Peaches”…, fun little project

watercolor5Artist: cjwatercolor

This is just delicious! I love how the texture of the paper makes the wine red parts of the peaches look more succulent and tangible. Now I’m excited for peach season!

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