Where is the World’s Largest Urban Park?

Did you know that there are different categories of parks? From National Parks to town squares, there are parks of different sizes that serve different functions all over the world. One type of public park that can be found in cities is an urban park, which is defined as a park contained entirely within a locality’s municipal or metropolitan boundary. Features of an urban park include fitness trails, playgrounds, sports fields and courts, and public amenities like restrooms and picnic areas. Urban parks offer city residents the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and its many cars and enjoy the fresh air, serenity, and beauty that nature can offer.


Where in the world is the largest urban park located? According to this colorful visualization created by PlaygroundEquipment.com, the world’s largest urban park can be found in the United States. The Chugach State Park in Anchorage, Alaska is the biggest urban park in the world and spans nearly half a million acres! Within these many acres are over 280 miles of trails for hiking and biking, and another 110 miles worth of skiing and snowboarding trails when there is snow in the park. Chugach State Park also offers plenty of paddling and boating opportunities on its 28 miles through the Eagle River Valley and on the 8 miles that its Eklutna Lake spans. Check out the visual guide below and learn more about the twenty-four other parks that made the list of the largest urban parks in the world!

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