POLL: What’s the Best Superhero Show on TV Right Now?

These days, superhero shows seem like they are a dime a dozen. While that might be so, if you know how to sift through the noise, there are a lot of super-powered gems out there!

As always, Marvel and DC Comics control the lion’s share of live-action comic book television, but there are a number of great superhero TV shows based on comics created by independent comic book companies too. Two current shining examples include The Boys and The Umbrella Academy, which are based on comic book series of the same name from Dynamite Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics, respectively. Another thing that has made these television shows stand out from the campy comic book entertainment of old, is the fact that many are dark; so much so in fact that they couldn’t possibly air on traditional prime time television.

So, the time is now! Take a moment to vote for your two favorite comic book shows on television right now:

Vote for your 2 favorite superhero television shows

Yes, we only included live-action shows. Why? Because there are far too many darn animated superhero shows for us to choose from! If there is enough demand for it, we’ll do a poll on this topic next.

Thanks for voting!

Did we miss your favorite superhero show? Let us know in the comments below!

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