The Top Source of Electricity in Every Country on the Globe

You might be surprised to learn which sources of electricity are the most common for each country around the globe. There are some which continue to rely most heavily on traditional, non-renewable sources of energy like gas, oil, and coal, while others put their heavy focus on the renewable sources like hydropower, solar power and wind power, among other renewable sources. Check out this new infographic that shows off the top electricity source in every country on the globe:


Denmark uses 2,825.43 kWa per capita of wind power, which makes it the country’s most common electricity source. Very close behind, however, is Sweden at 2,701.54 kWh of wind power per capita. These are the ten countries that use wind power as their most common electricity source.

  1. Denmark: 2,825.43 kWh per capita
  2. Sweden: 2,701.54 kWh per capita
  3. Ireland: 2,250.83 kWh per capita
  4. Falkland Islands: 2,233.33 kWh per capita
  5. Norway: 1,719.37 kWh per capita
  6. Germany: 1,605.32 kWh per capita
  7. Uruguay: 1,564.59 kWh per capita
  8. Finland: 1,383.76 kWh per capita
  9. Aruba: 1,283.02 kWh per capita
  10. Portugal: 1,208.21 kWh per capita

Solar power and wind power are two other very popular renewable energy sources used for electricity in many countries around the world, including Puerto Rico, where solar power is considered very important. In fact, Puerto Rico is the only country in the world to be using in excess of 740 kWh per capita of solar power for their electricity, with approximately 825.09. These are the ten countries around the world that use the most kWh of solar power per capita for their electricity.

  1. Puerto Rico: 825.09 kWh per capita
  2. Australia: 730.94 kWh per capita
  3. Japan: 667.72 kWh per capita
  4. Germany: 608.71 kWh per capita
  5. Cook Islands: 596.06 kWh per capita
  6. Netherlands: 461.83 kWh per capita
  7. Switzerland: 459.12 kWh per capita
  8. Spain: 443.92 kWh per capita
  9. Italy: 440.02 kWh per capita
  10. Malta: 429.35 kWh per capita

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