These Maps Show the Most Popular High School Sports by State

When you enter high school there are many different options to choose from for sports teams. Sports are played in all different seasons, so it is good to know what is offered and when. You may want to play basketball and go out for the cheer team but they have conflicting practice schedules so you have to pick one or the other. Finding a sport you are good at and like is also possibly the most important step. You want to be an asset to your team and enjoy the game you are playing. Team sports can also help you develop many different sets of life skills that you can carry into college and beyond. Responsibility is also a big part of playing on a team in high school. You will have learn accountability for your actions and hold yourself to tough practices in the early morning or after school when you might just want to go home instead. Finding what sports are the most popular can also help you make a decision. This data ranks the most popular sports in high schools across the US.


Football is the most popular sport for boys in 43 states and Track and Field is the most popular sport for girls in 16 states. Winning is certainly not everything when it comes to sports but knowing how your high school team has done in the past can help you pick one sport over of the other. Maybe your school’s football team dominates year after year but the field hockey team hasn’t ever won a championship. Take all of these things into consideration before you choose what sport you want to go out for.

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