The Oldest Logos That Have Been in Use the Longest

Do you enjoy a spot of tea now and then? It’s so soothing and wholesome, especially during the chilly winter months by the fire. I am partial to Twinings English Breakfast tea, although I toss in some Earl Grey on occasion for a little pizzazz. As a Twinings enthusiast, I was delighted to discover that Twinings is the proud owner of the oldest logo that has been in continuous use with no alternations since its founding in 1787! So when we are enjoying a cup of Twinings tea, we are a part of design history! I learned this on ImageRelay’s captivating graphic exploring the oldest logos that still exist today. Check it out:


What is the emblem on the Twining’s tea logo? It was created as part of the entryway to the original shop that was commissioned by Richard Twining I, the founder’s grandson. The entryway depicts a golden lion lying down as a sign of respect to Richard’s grandfather, as well as two men to represent the tea trade with China. The lion also appears on the logo as a symbol of strength and resilience, and the hand holding two serpents was a key element of the original Twining family crest. What does the “fortiter ac firmiter” mean on the banner below? It translates to “strongly and firmly”, which is an excellent tagline to represent a good cup of tea! I admire Twinings’ conviction their original logo – why change a good thing, especially if people find comfort in the familiarity of a warm cup of tea?

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