Which U.S. City Has the Youngest Average Home Buyers?

Owning your own home is a quintessential American dream, although it has been getting harder and harder to achieve. Did you know that the average age of home buyers in the United States in 47 years old? I had imagined it would be lower, but it makes sense considering the state of the housing market today. The team at RealEstateAgents.com has created a straightforward guide to the average age and income of home buyers and sellers in the 50 largest cities. Check it out:


So where are the youngest home buyers? I was surprised to discover that they are in Buffalo, New York with the average age of 35! This is over a decade younger than 47, the average homebuyer age in the United States. I took a look at the real estate market in Buffalo – according to Realtor.com, the median listing home price in Buffalo is $169,900. Compared to other areas, that seems rather affordable, so I am sure that plays a role in the young average age of home buyers. It should come as no surprise that many of the “oldest” cities are in Florida – the classic retirement dreamland! From a visual perspective, I appreciate the simplicity and color scheme of this infographic. I might be biased because purple, green, and blue are my favorite colors! Do you own your own home? How old were you when you bought it? And if you have sold a home, how old were you when you sold it? I would love to hear about your insights in the comments!

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