Iconic Brand Logos and Their Hidden Meanings

Brand imagery predates recorded history. Some of the earliest known branding was discovered in 4700-year-old Egyptian tombs. Branding was also utilized in Ancient Greece, in China as early as the Qin Dynasty and on Roman pottery. Despite this, trademark laws did not exist until the 1870’s.

From then to now, the number of recognizable logos has only increased as they have gained more exposure. From the clothes we wear to the electronics we carry, nearly every product we associate with has some form of brand identifier. There are even stickers on bananas!

Even though we see so many logos so often, we may not take the time to appreciate their individual nuances. For example, some of the cleverest logo designers often hide objects in their work. Did you ever notice the arrow hidden in the FedEx logo? How about the Denmark flag in the Coca-Cola logo?

You likely see hundreds of automobile logos every day driving to and from work. They’re also more complex than you might think. For example, you can spell out “Toyota” with the different shapes in the Toyota logo. Likewise, the Hyundai logo isn’t just an italicized H, it’s two people shaking hands.

For more mind-blowing facts about brand logos, check out this infographic from Uprinting.com where you can learn the origins of 50 brand logos and perhaps see them in a way you’ve never seen them before.

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Which of your favorite logos did we miss? Let us know below!

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