The Most Popular Country Code Top-Level Domains

The internet is a fascinating place where you can connect with others from across the globe.  It has made learning and education available at the click of a mouse and.  In 1992 there were a total of about 10 web sites online. Today that number is over 1.7 billion. What makes up these domains? There are websites about absolutely everything from A to Z things you have thought about and things you could never even imagine.  The most popular domain extension ends in .com. This is probably what you are most familiar with especially if you live in the United States. The .com domain is so popular in part because it was found to be over 30% more memorable than other domains, such as .net, .us, .ca. The .com domain is also said to be more trusted than others, right up there with .gov and .org domain extensions. If you are into Top-Level domains or TLDs, you will probably find this visualization from Nominus pretty neat. This comprehensive guide lays out the most popular TLDs from across the globe.


Starting at the top of the guide the team at Nominums lists the top 25 country code TLDs (CCTLDs) in the world by number of active domains. Here Germany ranks number 1 with over 16 million .de active domains. Compared to the United States which sits at #22 on the list with just under 2 million .us active domains. Another illustration on the page shows the most common domain extensions in the world. Like we stated above the .com extension ranks massively above the next TLD on the list which is shown by how much space it takes up in this circle graph with over 150 million active domains. The 2nd overall is then .de which makes sense with the CCTLDs we discussed earlier. The 3rd TLD is .net and the 4th is .org. Read through the rest of this interesting information to see just what the massive internet is made up of.

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