History of NFL Logo Designs

Having first been established more than 100 years ago, the National Football League currently has 32 different teams competing each year for the coveted Super Bowl victory and Vince Lombardi Trophy. From designer Rachael Fernandes and published by LogoTod, this infographic is fascinating for any fan of the NFL, as it covers the history of NFL logo designs for the different franchises throughout the National Football League. While it is currently outdated by a few years, we still found it to be an interesting look into the past history of NFL logo evolution.


As shown on this visualization, there are some teams who have certainly gone through their fair share of logo changes throughout their individual histories. One of these teams would be the Cincinnati Bengals, who have been through six different logos throughout their history, with quite drastic changes from the original logo. The team’s first logo, which was used for the 1968 and 1969 NFL seasons, features a leaping bengal of sorts, with both a football and helmet in tow. The team’s next three logos, which would ultimately span 1970 through 1986, featured different variations of the team’s helmet.

However, not every franchise has seen a whole lot of change over time. One example of this would be the Tennessee Titans, who haven’t changed the team’s logo since entering the league (following a time as the Houston Oilers, before their move to Nashville) for the 1999 NFL season. As for the team with the most logo changes over the years, according to this visualization, that would go to the now-Washington Commanders (originally known as the Washington Redskins), who have been through more than seven logo changes now, dating back to the 1930s.

Which team in the National Football League do you root for on Sundays, and what’s your favorite logo of theirs?

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