Illustrated Timeline of Prom Dresses From Every Decade

What kind of dress did you wear to your prom? My prom was in the 2000s – I had an animal print dress with colorful beading and a shimmery shawl! Looking back at old photos, I can’t help but question my choices – but that’s the fun in fashion! It is constantly reinventing itself, reviving lost trends, and igniting new ones. The team at fashion guru Lulu’s created this gorgeously illustrated timeline of prom dress styles from every decade since the 1900s – it’s both lovely to look at and delightful to read! Check it out:

I absolutely love the white background and black text – it makes the vibrant dancing figures pop! The illustration style is both vintage and timeless and I can’t get enough of the details on each and every figure. Which decade of prom dresses is your favorite? I love the spirited, glitzy movement of the roaring 20s prom dresses and the “Garden Party” looks of the 70s prom dresses. I am happy to see that my favorite color forest green is now in vogue – that color used to be hard to find! It was also fun to learn about the first-ever recorded reference to prom which was found in the 1894 journal of a male Amherst College student. It described a special invitation to a formal dance at the neighboring all-female Smith College. That must have been exciting! Do any of these prom dresses look familiar to you? We would love to hear about your prom experience in the comments below!


Update 7/10/2023: We’ve just found another great infographic from the Lulu’s team! This one is all about different swimwear styles. Check it out on their website.

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