The Biggest Companies in the World

What is the biggest company in the world? What about the biggest company in the United States? It may not come as a surprise that those companies are one in the same. The team at Wyoming Attorney LLC has created this striking visualization of the biggest companies in EVERY country! Check it out:


The biggest company in the world is Apple, which has a mind-blowing market value of $2.64 trillion. It is also the largest tech company by value and the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer, which actually comes as a surprise to me. So who manufactures the most mobile phones? That would be Samsung, which is actually the biggest company in South Korea (valued at $367.3 billion). These heavy hitters make sense because the world is deeply reliant on mobile phones, but what else is humanity dependent on? Oil! The second biggest company in the world is Saudi Arabia-based Saudi Aramco with a colossal market value of $2.29 trillion. Another surprise is that Switzerland’s Nestlé (valued at $360 billion) is not that far ahead of France’s LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (valued at $346.8 billion). It seems that phones, fashion, oil, and food make the world go around! From a design perspective, it is impressive how despite the abundance of information, the infographic is still organized and seamless to comprehend. There are plenty of familiar logos on here, but also plenty I have never heard of, so I am excited to do Wikipedia deep dives on them. Do you have any fun facts about these companies? We would love to hear your insights in the comments below!

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