Where in the U.S. Has the Most Medical and Emergency Workers Per Capita?

When determining which cities in the United States are the best to live, one factor that might not cross your mind is how many medical workers and emergency workers your city has per capita. In short, in the event of an emergency, how well equipped is the city to help its citizens.

Today’s new infographic was brought to you by CEU Fast sets out to answer that very question. The answer is actually quite surprising.

What is the city the most emergency and medical workers per 100,000 people in the United States?

It’s Birmingham, Alabama! That’s right, the southern city has the most emergency workers and first responders per 100,000 people overall. It also boasts the highest frequency of registered nurses, police officers, and the third highest frequency of firefighters. It doesn’t rank in the top five for EMTs and paramedics or for doctors.

Overall, the majority of the cities with the highest number of medical and emergency workers per 100,000 people seems to be in the northern states ranging from the Midwest to Northeast with a few impressive southern outliers.

Western states round up the pack with much smaller numbers.

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There has been some recent controversy surrounding the number of police officers in a city per capita and whether it’s necessary, but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would complain about a city having too many nurses. In the past, firefighting budgets have come into question as well.

It’s not immediately clear what causes these anomalies, it could be in part due to a city having more hospitals and thus needing more EMTs, nurses, doctors, and paramedics, or a city having more crime per capita and thus needing more police officers. Regardless of the reasoning, I know I would feel safer knowing that I’m surrounded by more people that are standing by and ready to save my life if it were needed!

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