6 Essential Things You Need to Know as a First-Time Car Owner (That They Don’t Tell You)

Here are some first-time car owner tips that no one really explained to us. You get barged with a lot of information for years as you’re learning how to drive – but not this!

We’ve learned from horrible experiences. Here are some things first-time car owners should know. You’re welcome.


1. Not all tires are created equal.

Yes, you absolutely should buy snow tires if you live in a wintry area. The shape of the tire itself produces traction that can save your life.

No, you shouldn’t get different tires if your car has low-profile ones.

Yes, your tires make a huge impact on your gas mileage, even if you have a hybrid.

Yes, you should check your treads every six months. guide-to-types-of-tires

2. Driving slowly in the left lane can be more dangerous than driving quickly.

Hugging the left lane on the highway endangers not only you but many cars around you, causing chaos and – even when there’s no accident – a ton of stress. Use the left lane to pass only.

Drive slow, but don’t drive too slow.


3. You need to check numerous parts of your car during every major season change if you want your car to last.

Namely, all of your car’s fluids and filters should be checked before the winter and summer months. Extreme weather can cause extreme problems for your vehicle.


4. Weird things can suddenly up your car insurance by a whole bunch.

An accident? That’s going to up your rates obviously. But so can these changes:

  • Moving: The insurance company cares a lot about where you park.
  • Using Roadside Assistance: For some companies, that roadside assistance isn’t free to use, and if you use it enough it’ll up your rates. Quit locking your keys in your car!
  • Getting Married: Single people will pay more.
  • Your Credit Score Lowering: When it rains, it pours.
  • Driving More: You know what? Insurance companies would really like it if you … like … never drove anywhere and kept paying them? So … could you … do that?


5. Your mom is right. Those dorky emergency kits come in handy.

You know what’s terrible? A flat tire.

You know what’s also terrible? A flat tire in a snow storm.

You know what’s worse? A flat tire in a snow storm when your phone is dead.

Who’s that happened to?


But I had a spare tire, a flashlight, and all I needed to get the job done. It’s not that rare and it’s not that hard to deal with so long as you’ve got the supplies you need.

Flares, first aid, a non-battery-powered flashlight, and all that good stuff – you’ll need it.


6. Drowsy driving is almost as dangerous as drunk driving.

71% of adults between 18 and 29 have reported they’re likely to drive drowsy, meanwhile staying awake for 18 hours produces an impairment equal to an illegal blood alcohol content (BAC).

Drowsy driving claims just under a thousand lives every year (846 deaths in 2014), leading to 83,000 crashes between 2005 and 2009. The economy, the stress that millennials are under as we try to do more work for less, only contributes to the problem.

dangers-of-drowsy-drivingPulling over in a safe place and taking a 15-minute nap can save a life.

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