What are the Top Streaming Services in the Pandemic Age?

During this pandemic, steaming and quarantine have gone hand-in-hand. When the world was told to lock down, steaming services rocketed. Have you ever wondered which ones people are watching the most? Luckily, Visual Capitalist has done all the leg work for us. Let’s take a look at which media subscription services saw the most growth as of February 2021.

What are the Top Streaming Services in the World in the Pandemic Age?

Are you old enough to remember when Netflix came in the mail as a DVD? With a whopping 34% increase in subscribers since lockdowns hit, Netflix leads the charge for streaming service subscriptions. Heading into 2020, they had just over 150 million subscribers, but once lockdown hit, they gained another 50 million subscribers bringing them to 204 million subscribers. They stream to over 190 countries and even include their own original series and movies that have done quite well on the platform. As they grew into a household name, other big entertainment companies like Amazon, Apple, and Disney began to take notice.

There was a time that you could stream Disney movies on Netflix, but that was before Disney realized how much money they could be making with a streaming service of their own and launched Disney+. Disney comes in 6th on this list for number of subscribers at 94.9 million. However, seeing as they only launched in November of 2019, that is quite impressive. They continue to grow on a daily basis. Other big names on this chart include online retail giant Amazon with their video streaming service Prime and music streaming giant Spotify which round out the top two and three spots on this list for total subscribers. Others on this list, like Tencent Video, might not be as well known to the rest of the world, but they are number 1 in China.

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