Star Trek’s Starfleet Awarded Best Overall Fleet in Fiction

It’s well known that the PixlParade crew are Star Wars nerds through and through, but we have to give credit where credit is due. A fan sent us an infographic that pits 11 fleets from movies and television shows against eachother including some of our favorites: the War Boys’ Armada from Mad Max: Fury Road (some of the coolest-looking vehicles we’ve ever seen, I might add), Daenerys’s Fleet from Game of Thrones, the Rebel Fleet from Star Wars, the Colonial Fleet from Battlestar Galactica, and the fleet that ultimately took the award for best fleet, Starfleet from Star Trek.

Each fleet was graded based on five factors; driver behavior, fleet maintenance, reactive capability, environmental impact, and managerial control which are averaged for an overall total score. Based on these metrics, we can see how Starfleet beat out the Rebel Fleet. In a true Star Wars vs. Star Trek space battle however, we have a hard time believing Starfleet would come out on top.

I’ll post the infographic below, but first, I thought I’d drum up some hype for the most recent iterations in both the Star Wars and Star Trek universes by sharing their trailers.

Star Trek: Discovery – Official Trailer

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Official Teaser

And, without further ado, here is the infographic …


Who Would Win the Battle of Fictional Fleets?

star-trek-starfleet-awarded-best-fictional-fleetSource: Teletrac Navman

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  1. Kyle B.

    Probably an unpopular opinion but the Colonial Fleet would wipe the floor with the Rebels/Resistance from Star Wars AND Starfleet at the same time.


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