The Top 30 Richest Sports Franchise Owners in the World

Who are the wealthiest sports franchise owners in the world? This infographic from Madison Trust analyzes who the richest sports teams owners in the world are, with all professional sports considered. On this infographic, sports owners from the worlds of basketball, cricket, soccer, football, formula 1, baseball, and hockey are all well represented. Some owners featured on this list even own multiple sports franchises from different sports!


Only three sports owners are worth more than $60 billion, with the richest owner in all of professional sports being Steve Ballmer (worth $91.4 billion), the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association. The two owners that closely follow, and are worth more than $60 billion would be Mukesh Ambani ($90.7 billion) who owns the Mumbai Indians, as well as Carlos Slim ($78 billion) who owns Real Oviedo.

According to the research that was done by the team at Madison Trust, it was found that these were the ten richest billionaire owners in all of professional sports.

  1. Steve Ballmer ($91.4 billion) – Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers
  2. Mukesh Ambani ($90.7 billion) – Owner of the Mumbai Indians
  3. Carlos Slim ($78 billion) – Owner of Real Oviedo
  4. Rob Walton ($59.8 billion) – Owner of the Denver Broncos
  5. Francois Pinault ($40.4 billion) – Owner of Stade Rennais FC
  6. Daniel Gilbert ($30.9 billion) – Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers
  7. Dietrich Mateschitz ($27.4 billion) – Owner of RB Leipzig, Red Bull Racing, and the New York Red Bulls
  8. Masayoshi Son ($21.3 billion) – Owner of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
  9. Steve Cohen ($17.4 billion) – Owner of the New York Mets
  10. David Tepper ($16.7 billion) – Owner of the Carolina Panthers


Cover image by Wired Photostream, CC BY-NC 2.0

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