Where in the U.S. Have Food Prices Increased the Most?

Most areas have been hit hard by inflation. From gas to homes, prices are up across the board. One area in particular that has seen a huge rise in inflation is grocery store prices. People around the world are seeing increased expenses from everything from eggs to fruits and vegetables. Some cities in particular have been hit harder than others. Which U.S. cities have seen their food prices increase the most?

Law firm Nadrich & Cohen examined food price data to determine where in America grocery bills have increased the most.


The city that has seen the biggest increase in grocery prices since 2021 is Indianapolis, IN. Since 2021, grocery prices for staples like eggs, bread, milk, and apples have increased by 50.6%. Eggs in particular saw an increase of an astonishing 127%. While that increase in egg prices seems exorbitant, it’s not the largest increase in the country. That goes to Las Vegas, NV, which saw a 170% increase in egg prices since 2021.

The following are the 10 U.S. cities with the highest grocery price increases based on prices of popular grocery items (eggs, bread, milk, cheese, potatoes, apples, and chicken):

  1. Indianapolis, IN: 50.6%
  2. Denver, CO: 44%
  3. Las Vegas, NV: 42.8%
  4. Phoenix, AZ: 40.5%
  5. Kansas City, MO: 37%
  6. Austin, TX: 35.4%
  7. Miami, FL: 35.4%
  8. Wichita, KS: 34.5%
  9. Mesa, AZ: 33%
  10. Charlotte, NC: 32.9%

Hopefully grocery store prices around the country (and the world) will decrease in the near future.

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