What Do Your Nightmares Mean, Really?

Have you had that dream where you’re being chased … and then late … and then naked … and then all your teeth fall out … and then a polite and colorful unicorn shakes hooves with Saint Mitch Hedberg? No?

Well, most of those nightmares have a fairly sensible explanation. Though dream research has had a long, strange, and bumpy road, splitting off into psychoanalytical interpretation and straight neurological studies, science still has a bit to offer us in terms of what our nightmares mean, from your teeth falling out to spinning out of control in a car.

This infographic by Sleepopolis summarizes the top 11 most common nightmares, with both their modern scientific explanations and their classical psychoanalytical translations.


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  1. Robby

    I have a reacurring dream I’m fighting to protect my family but my punches are weak and futile. Will I ever be able to save them?


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