Timeline of the Largest Cruise Ships in the World Since 1831

On April 10th 1912, the RMS Titanic embarked on its maiden voyage, never to reach its destination. Just as the Titanic was the largest passenger ship in the world, as was the news of its sinking. People all over the world were captivated by the story of the sinking of the unsinkable ship. The world remains fascinated with large luxurious ships to this day and the booming cruise ship industry is a testament to that.

The Titanic wasn’t the first largest ship in the world and it certainly wasn’t the last. Countries and companies around the world have been competing for the title for hundreds of years. This timeline from HMY showcases the largest ship in the world from 1831 to present. Starting with the humble 160 foot SS Royal William and ending today with the impressive floating city the Symphony of the Seas. The latter of which hasn’t held the title for long and doesn’t expect to as the company which owns it, Royal Caribbean is already working on its successor!

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Here are the current 10 largest cruise ships in the world:

  1. Symphony of the Seas: Royal Caribbean
  2. Harmony of the Seas: Royal Caribbean
  3. Oasis of the Seas: Royal Caribbean
  4. Allure of the Seas: Royal Caribbean
  5. Costa Smeralda: Costa Cruises
  6. AIDAnova: AIDA Cruises
  7. MSC Grandiosa: MSC Cruises
  8. MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima: MSC Cruises
  9. Spectrum of the Seas: Royal Caribbean
  10. Norwegian Encore: Norwegian Cruises

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