The Ultimate Compendium of Worldwide Penis Sizes

Penis size can be a common insecurity for men, as well as the subject of one too many jokes. But what size truly constitutes a small penis and what length calls for bragging rights? One website,, sought the answer to this question that has crossed nearly every man’s mind (and probably every woman’s too, if we’re being honest) at one point in time. They took a deep dive into research results from the past decade to find the average penis size in almost every country around the world. You’ll find a list of 143 countries that have been ranked by the average length of an erect penis, as well as the top-ranking countries for several other penis attributes including length when flaccid and circumference. So which country gets bragging rights for having the most well-endowed residents? When it comes to erect penises, Sudan certainly earns the right to brag with an average length of 7.07 inches. As for flaccid penises, Bosnia and Herzegovina has the longest average with 4.8 inches. The Frontier in Psychology journal states that men will exaggerate the size of their penis by 21%, so we would wager a guess that some of these numbers have been inflated by the men that were surveyed. In addition to putting the countries with the biggest penises on the map (literally), Too Timid also put the countries with the smallest penises on blast. Thailand got the short end of the stick when it comes to both erect and flaccid penis sizes, with just one inch of difference between the two. Check out the goods below to find the average penis size where you live.


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