Let’s Admire the Top 5 Posts of Reddit’s r/Embroidery!

What is embroidery? Embroidery is the art of decorating material, typically fabric, with a needle and thread. It truly is a delightful and versatile art as you will soon discover! Let’s have a look at the top 5 posts of all time on Reddit’s r/Embroidery. I have also included a few bonus pieces that I just HAD to share. Thready, set, go!


I think this is the greatest thing I’ve ever stitched [OC]

embroidery1Artist: _kiriki

This fills me with joy – I want an entire set of farm animals like this! In the top comment, the creator stated that it took between 40-50 hours to embroider. Time well spent!



embroidery2Artist: a_warm_garlic_yurt

I actually saw this in an embroidery facebook group and shared it with a bunch of friends! It has such a fresh, playful, dynamic quality. I love how different threads and stitch types were used to achieve texture and movement. The artist also has an instagram which of course I gleefully followed!


Floral embroidered denim jacket- one year in the making!

embroidery3Artist: ExperienceMotor1694

This is absolutely gorgeous! It would be a fun little side gig to buy clothes from thrift stores and breathe life into them like this.


i stitched up some tiny doc martens for a piece i’m working on! 😂

embroidery4Artist: kenz024

I could not agree more with the top comment: “The shading is so good!” I cannot imagine achieving such a stunning visual effect with thread. Sew amazing!


Loving how this fishnet piece came out !

embroidery5Artist: Stitchasoldastime

This may seem deceptively simple but I imagine it took a tremendous amount of patience and finesse to achieve the look of thread over the human form.

BONUS: 2nd finished hoop, inspired by Hawaii! Experimented w/ layering tulle for water depth.

embroidery6Artist: DallasNagataWhite

This is #8 of the top posts of all time, but honestly it is my favorite tied with the tiger. It is such a breath of fresh air! I adore the mixed media approach. The use of tulle to create the illusion of water depth is just brilliant.

BONUS: Diving

embroidery7Artist: bluehydrangea

Top comment says it all: “My husband just saw this on my phone and said ‘that’s the best embroidery I’ve ever seen’”. Reddit is so ducking talented!

BONUS: A couple thousand french knots & endless hours later, I finished this 22″ star chart! Really pleased with how it came out

embroidery8Artist: pm_me_lots_of_birds

Okay, WHAT!? This is magnificent! At first I thought maybe it was embroidered on pre-printed star fabric, but no, it is all hand-stitched! Here is a close up shot:


BONUS: Velociraptor piece I am working on!

embroidery9Artist: Bustedflush91

Another mixed media masterpiece! I love this because the three-dimensional quality of the plants make it seem like we just dug through them to uncover this fossil.

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