The Most Expensive Sports Arenas Of All Time

Watching sports is a beloved pastime around the world – fans get passionately invested in their teams, and with that intensity comes hefty costs and profits. It should come as no surprise that the sports industry is now estimated to be worth over $500 billion. To accommodate the millions of sports enthusiasts, sports teams and their owners have been pouring money into massive stadiums. These arenas are truly magnificent and are a testament to how immense the love people have for sports truly is. has conducted a study to create an infographic that showcases the 30 most expensive sports stadiums ever built:

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The Most Expensive Sports Arenas Ever

During a year of hardship and facing the unknown, the $5.5 billion dollar SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California took the trophy for the most expensive stadium ever built in 2020. The Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers call this incredible stadium home. The 3.1 million square foot stadium has a capacity of 70,000, but it can be expanded to over 100,000. ESPN has called the SoFi Stadium videoboard the “eighth wonder of the world” – this colossal LED technological marvel features 70,000 square feet of digital LED and 268 speakers. When the pandemic comes to an end, it will take a staggering 80 people to create content for the videoboard on game day, utilizing directors, camera operators, and producers to make the magic happen.

The second most expensive stadium ever built (in 2010) is the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, costing $2.03 billion in today’s dollars. It is mind-blowing to imagine that this 82,500 seat stadium costs less than half the price of the SoFi Stadium!

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