The Complete Guide to Olympic Medals by Country

Over the ages the Olympics have grown from a 9 sport and 43 event ceremony to a 33 sport and 339 event ceremony. Some sports that use to be a part of the games like polo, cricket, lacrosse, tug of war and naked wrestling became obsolete. Some countries have dominated certain sports like the USA men’s and women’s basketball team or Korea’s team in both men and women’s archery. China has dominated in Table Tennis taking home 53 medals in that event alone. Hungary has dominated the Men’s Water Polo event and Japan has ruled the Judo ring winning more medals than any other nation. From this graphic by Wizard Pins we can see which countries have won the most Olympic medals over all.


The US has dominated every other country with total medal count. They also have more gold medals than any other country. With a total count from both the Summer and Winter games of 2,976 combined medals, the United States is far ahead of the 2nd place country of the Soviet Union which has a total of 1,204 medals. Ranked third on the list is Germany which has a combined total of 1,082 medals. Norway tops the list for medals in the Winter Olympics and they come in 10th overall on the list for the most medals. Below are the top ten countries with the highest medal count.

  1. United States: 2,976
  2. Soviet Union: 1,204
  3. Germany: 1,082
  4. Great Britain: 966
  5. France: 909
  6. Italy: 770
  7. China: 702
  8. Sweden: 680
  9. Japan: 575
  10. Norway: 566

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