POLL: Vote for the Best Baseball Player of all Time

Major League Baseball has had an incredible amount of talented players in its league throughout the years. What makes a baseball player great, however, differs from person to person. Everyone has their favorite standout stars and personalities, but when it comes to numbers, adding up benchmarks and rounding them out lets us find the true top players of all time. Taking account of averages like hits, home runs, wins, on-base averages, runs created, earned run averages (ERAs) and fielding independent pitching (FIP), errors, and more, show which players come out on top. Below you will find many players from different eras, different positions, and different playing styles. What they all have in common is they were once considered amazing baseball players. Who do you think is best on this list? Let’s find out who the fan favorite baseball player of all time is:

What is your favorite baseball player of all time?

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