What Are the Most Searched News Sites in Every State?

Americans get their news from a lot of sources. From local newspapers to global online news purveyors, every news source has its own take on what’s happening in the world. Which of the country’s top news sites is the most popular? Do you know the most popular news source in your state?

Software company Semrush created the following visualization using Google Trends to see which news website is most popular in each state.

What Are the Most Searched News Sites in Every State?

Of all the news sites on the internet, Yahoo! News is the most popular. It averages about 175 million visitors every month and is the most-searched news site in 12 different states including Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. Close behind is Google News, which averages about 150 million monthly visitors. It’s the most searched news website in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

While it only comes in 6th for total monthly visitors, Fox News is the most searched news site in 11 states. This makes it a close second to Yahoo! News for most searched news site by state. It’s the most popular news website in Alabama, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

These are the top 10 most popular news sites in the country as well as their estimated unique monthly visitors:

  1. Yahoo! News (175 million)
  2. Google News (150 million)
  3. HuffPost (110 million)
  4. CNN (95 million)
  5. The New York Times (70 million)
  6. Fox News (65 million)
  7. NBC News (63 million)
  8. MailOnline (53 million)
  9. The Washington Post (47 million)
  10. The Guardian (42 million)

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